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Mind, Body and Soul

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All people develop, from cradle to the grave, through social interaction. Health in respect of mind, body and spirit requires an interdependent attitude, which can be fostered in a safe environment, such as a school and in education generally. Assertive People seeks to draw attention to relevant ideas that assist a better understanding of individual development and integrity.


Everyone is an Individual

The assertive person will think carefully before talking to others and always consider whether the time is right to speak. Sometimes leaving a thought you are eager to say, is best left till later and may then pay dividends. At work, home or socially, being assertive is important. 

 Assertive People are confident, pace themselves and generally relaxed.

Personal Growth may be assisted by working through a Personal Development Plan or PDP and will result in a stronger Personal Identity.

The interactive web pages are illustrated, offering thought provoking ideas that pave the way toward a richer, more fulfilling life style.

People are all important.


Spiritual - Freedom to follow the Conscience with links to Moral Education and Whole Man Development.

Personal - A Personal Development Plan introduces topics that include life Skills, Business Agenda, Life Philosophy, Psychology and Education.

Professional - A review of Self Analysis, Team Work, Training, Efficiency, Pre-Thought, Vacancies, Communication and Personnel Development.

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