Assertive People

Dependence / Independence / Interdependence

Dependence may be considered to be the reliance upon others to provide the necessities of life, which include emotional support and the spirit of belonging. Even today in certain parts of the world children are not free to spend time acquiring knowledge and skills to sustain them through life, but are required to work to provide for their family. However, within the modern industrialised, developed world this has become increasingly the past age rather than the present.

Attending a school generally means the age of dependence is allowed to continue, giving children the advantage of continuing to learn the basic needs of the individual and also within the context of society. For learning to be a rewarding experience, a sense of security is important and this may be enhanced be wearing school uniform such as to enable the individual to feel part of a group.

Independence generally replaces dependence in late adolescence and usually evolves rather than being forced upon the individual. The transition is one of discovery and generally has to be incorporated into the previous stage of dependence. As an individual, the style and type of clothes are preferred to be different to others and especially out of the work environment.