Assertive People

life Skills - Assertiveness


Assertiveness means to establish a point of view and then maintain that idea. To achieve this objective, a great deal of thought needs to be given to the subject and its related topics.


The reason why an idea is important requires time spent gaining knowledge, followed by considering the matter and discussions with other people.


Discussions with others may be painful if the person is not familiar with the idea that criticism can be positive or negative, whilst covering both good and bad points.


Timidity, assertiveness and aggression are three areas of possible development within an individual. The extremes of personality and expression are timidity and aggression, with assertion being a balance.


Timidity may be termed as not being able to communicate effectively. At the very extreme there is a lack of any means of putting across what one feels, thinks or wishes to portray to the world, with a general lack of communication and a nebulous confusion resulting in signs of psychological depression.


Aggression can be considered to be the application of force in a given situation to get across one's message.


Unfortunately, swings between the two extremes are sometimes found to be evident. Some people find they prefer to use drink to overcome their timidity, only to find that they become aggressive.