Assertive People

Individual Personality / Group Identity

The individual who has a strong personal identity is more able to withstand the pressures of a social group.

Individuals with weaker personal identities are more susceptible to being overtaken by group pressures. It can be said that they are then given to take up a group identity. Adolescents in particular are vulnerable to this phenomena.

The need for sustained support at age of puberty is very important and the role of the teacher should include Group Leader amongst the other roles. In the formal setting, the first task is to ascertain whether a class is prepared to accept the teacher in terms of simple requests to carry out routine tasks. The need to be socially aware means that everyone should be able to work together and without the individual making his or her demands override the needs of the group as a whole.

From the point of view of delinquency, many individuals may start in small way to be socially immoral. However if the conscience is constantly disregarded, the temptation to stray further from what is morally acceptable increases.

In such situations where a person is outside the bounds of the conscience it is possible for them to retrieve themselves, if they choose to acknowledge the problem exists and intend to put the matter right.

Such contrition and repentance is always rewarded by establishing again proper links with the conscience.