Assertive People

Notice Board

The line Manager would be well advised not to choose a Team Meeting as an occasion to remonstrate with individual Personnel directly. A reminder of a previously laid down procedure or a group discussion on the topic in question would do much, much more to rectify matters. It would be best if the line Manager draws out the main points he wishes to make by asking questions of the group as a whole.

Embarrassment must not be overt, for genuine progress to by made.

A Notice Board may be of benefit for a Team and where practicable or even a Newsletter.

The line Manager should always be asked before hand if items are to be exhibited.

The line Manager could produce written objectives for display. A steady flow of material is to be preferred, rather than a deluge. The line Manager is then in a very much stronger position to ensure his or her wishes are considered properly and carried out.

A line Manager would do well to ensure he or she is approachable and will consider reasonably any comments following from the Notice Board.

If a line Manager deals as fairly with his or her Personnel as is possible, he can then expect the compliment to be paid him or her in return.

The Notice Board could outline the forth coming topics within the series of Team Meetings.