Assertive People

Personal Identity

Everyone is an individual and we all have a personal identity.

The man on the street has an outward personality and this affects the way other people think of him or her. At home he or she may behave differently than in a work environment, but not necessarily. The more we know ourselves, the more we are able to cope in varying situations well. Self-knowledge means that there is less likelihood of becoming confused and disorientated when under stress or in the event of conflicting drives.

How we organise our time is also important and the activities of work, rest and play have particular importance, especially with regard to young people. Planning how we spend our week and thinking about what it is we are going to do will pay dividends, because we are more able to find time to spend with ourselves on our own and with our family.

For further information regarding Identity, Individual Personality / Group Identity refers.

A Personal Development Plan, PDP can improve Personal Identity.