Assertive People

Group Assertiveness

Owning a Decision Owning a decision is essential in a democracy and social group. Justice and fairness assist the individual person to accept the will of the majority, otherwise he or she will be coerced into behaving in a certain way and this would lead to dissatisfaction and trouble.
Productivity Productivity is sometimes seen as an emotive term, with overtones of mass production and even dehumanisation. Nevertheless the ability to be productive as an individual or as part of a society is part and parcel of a created order.
Common Goals People flourish best when they are able to feel solidly behind the policy and purposes of the group or society, in which they are involved. Common goals and aspirations, together with an awareness of other people, can help to ease particular differences of opinion. The value of friendship and recreation are also important.
Survival Any particular group will be part of a larger society, a country and international community. The group cannot exist on its own and certainly not indefinitely. Each individual member of the group will be an ambassador not only for the group its self, but for the country and community at large.