Assertive People

Communication and listening Skills

Spoken language is not always as easy for all people as one might imagine and particularly where feelings are concerned. Within some families non-verbal language is used, especially with regard to correction of youngsters. The problem is one which is receding with better media coverage and appeal generally.

An individual could make his or her communication and listening skills a target for improvement, especially if the incentive is better work relations with the line Manager.

Communication in spoken form needs consideration from the view of clear, well thought out speech, which is short and to the point, but includes all the details.

listening skills would vary with the nature of employment. Essentially, to be silent when others are speaking and to request a repeat of information, if not understood previously, is vital

A workman is talking to a second person on a mobile phone. The workman with an hard hat is reading from planning papers and taking to the man from the first picture.

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