Assertive People

Interest & Motivation

Being able to show interest in a subject or topic is very important for both the person who communicates and the listener.

With respect to the communicator, the usual aspects of being assertive apply. He or she will need to know not only the aspect of what is being transmitted, but also relevant associated information. The method of approach toward the conveyance of the concepts or facts need careful consideration, as well as the use of various approaches the reinforce the topic. The spoken word, the written word, the picture or diagram and other audio visual aids all have a place in effecting the level of interest.

From the point of view of a body of knowledge, the listener always has a starting point upon which he or she will be able to build his or her comprehension. The initial response to the prospect of an Educational experience will depend on various factors. Physical needs are important and one should be comfortable. The material should be relevant to the on going life style of the individual or individuals and consideration should also be given as to how the information may be applied.

An exception to this principle is entertainment.