Assertive People

Preparation and Pre-thought

Why should we be cheerful?

Today has been relatively relaxed or has it.

Ideally one should progress at a quiet pace, through the requirements of home and business commitments.

If one speaks when the time is right, more can be achieved than either remaining totally passive and silent or foisting one's ideas on others before they will be appreciated, the result is a degree of satisfaction as opposed to out and out frustration.

The needs of others will be evident, but one can only attend properly those needs when one has first taken account of one's own personal needs. Having attended to these requirements, consideration or even contemplation can quietly be given to that which might be accomplished for one's family, friends and even the man on the street. Action, if required, would follow.

Such a plan of action results in the completion of a day with less regrets, because what could have been achieved will have been attempted to the best of one's potential - no one would expect anything more!

By self improvement and on the global scale of all humanity, the human race would learn to be self reliant and productive towards the needs of each other - what else is life for? Being cheerful is a result of contented people doing the very best they can.