Assertive People


Applications available for Microsoft, Windows
Desktop, Laptop and Phone :-

Personal Development IconPersonal DevelopmentPersonal Development Application introduces a lead to the Microsoft Windows Application Store download page. The App is a review of the following topics Personal Development Plan, life Skills, Business Agenda, life Philosophy, Psychology and Education.
Professional Development IconProfessional DevelopmentA Windows App promoting Professional Development, considered in relation to Self Analysis, Team Work, Training, Efficiency, Pre-Thought, Vacancies, Communication and Personnel Development.
Time Management IconTime ManagementA busy life is a happy one, but how do we organise time for those activities that get neglected or overlooked. Time Management is a simple but effective way of keeping a record of Activities, enabling one to manage time more effectively.Currently a free Windows App for PCs only.

Applications for Apple and Android Mobile
Phones and Tablets :-

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'Self Development'
'Family Growth'

Self Development and Family Growth are Applications that feature with respect to Google and Apple, Phone and Tablet devices only.