Assertive People


What is it that is exciting and news worthy?

After an event, everybody requires to hear the latest on what has occurred. Finding out the latest news becomes more important than making enquiries as to fresh, new ideas and ideals in the Community.

Our future depends upon the need to consider how to invest time and financial commitment towards the furtherance of a new ideal, within the Business World. The concept of people power remains untapped and undervalued, because it is not new or exciting, or is it?

At the heart of any development of policy must be the individual and his or her relations with the rest of the Organisation. The values of each and every person sum up to give the over all views of Society and if they remain under developed, Society and more particularly the individual organisation remains dormant.

Which Companies, that we know of, succeed through the development of their work force?

When it can be said that each member of a Company sees the results of his or her labours as being more than a salary or wage packet, progress has been made. If job satisfaction, realisation of gifts and potential, pleasure in the knowledge that one is contributing to the greater good of one's self and colleagues alike, not to mention the benefit of the Company and Society in general, then people power will grow and flourish.

Special projects, outside the run of the mill services provided by a Company, will naturally lead to better working relations within that organisation. Any attempt to develop the skills and talents of the members of that Company, in what ever way possible, will bring people together. Common aims and aspirations will later lead to an overflow of the same coherence into the general working relationships within the Company.

If we are to discover what is really exciting and news worthy, let the seeds be freely sown of developing the full man or woman, within the Business Community. A harvest of productivity beyond our wildest dreams will be reaped and more to the point, bring about a brighter future for the world.