Assertive People

Social Need

Within a family, surprisingly the weakest member's needs are the greatest importance. Consider the way in which a baby is catered for.

Parallels can be drawn within a social group. If various individuals compete to establish their particular order, the person who is least able to see reason has to be considered.

However, through reason, usually a consensus of opinion emerges, which is fair and takes into consideration each individual's point of view.

To live and work in a company, one must consider how best to enlighten others of one's point of view, how to negotiate and most importantly be positive.

If individuals come together and negatively decry all that others are saying or have accomplished, only decent emerges.

However, the quiet voice of reason and the ability to withdraw support, is always available to the individual and at what ever the cost. Hence the old saying "You can always say 'No' ".