Assertive People


Where an individual has various commitments, planning ahead is crucial.

To assist the future organisation of work load, an examination of the current situation, during the space of a week, is helpful.

A diary could be kept and completed at the end of each day. Information required would be start and finish times for tasks, interviews or consultations. The nature of employment could then be written at the side of the time taken. Time could then be totalled at the end of each week, to assess what happens globally.

The result of evaluating could lead to a preparation of a plan of action for the future. Tasks of a similar nature may be collected together or where visits have to be made, calls to the same neighbourhood.

Action Plans may be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, with consideration given to their combination in relation to each other.

A line Manager will then have relevant information on each Team Member and will be able to find Personnel when urgently required.

Consideration must be given to the unexpected and the additional urgently required action.