Assertive People

Educational Psychology

Two theories of psychology are useful practically in education.

a: Self Projection

When an individual cannot come to terms with a particular aspect of their own personality, the temptation is to apportion the problem to someone else. Having applied the problem to the other person, they then proceed to find fault with him or her and will dislike them intensely. Physical abuse in such a situation is not uncommon. The situation may be remedied by helping the person with the problem to come to terms with their problem, even putting it into perspective. A holistic view of development is important, with emphasis on strengths and weaknesses of both the individual in question and people in general. Ideally consideration of the spiritual nature of people and their ability to assist others is important. Everyone has the ability to start each day afresh, with aspirations to do better that the day before with respect to their service to humanity.

b: Self fulfilling prophecy

Based around the old adage, "Give a dog a bad name and it will live up to it!"

Within management generally and especially in the teaching situation, the attitude of the Leader to the individual or individuals within a group may have much to do with how well or how badly the same people see themselves. Whenever the learning process takes place, a degree of confidence is always required and obviously not to be confused with overconfidence. If the person feels unable to attain any or part of a particular lesson, failure may follow simply because that person becomes overwhelmed with confusion.

Reports and references should also reflect this theory, if only because the Leader is at fault if they are to make derisory comments. For example a task may be either to great for the individual and should not have been attempted or insufficient assistance or time was allotted to the task over all.