Assertive People


What can be considered as Training?

A life time of experience may be considered as a reason for the reaction of each person to a given situation. One may consider that all is well, but what of the needs of the people involved in that situation?

Much as has been written about the need for assertion, as opposed to aggression. To uphold one's view in a positive manner, whilst remaining emotionally calm, is not an easy path to tread. If however a policy of assertiveness is adopted within an organisation, with each member paying due care and consideration to the welfare of everyone, a more rational and fruitful outcome is likely.

Leading by example, self correction first and encouraging others to consider their own actions must be upheld as positive Training. Naturally, a talk by an Advisor or Counsellor will be useful, if all the personnel of a Company are involved. Also of value will be small group sessions and simple exercises, but real progress can only be found by individuals working together, within a daily framework of employment.

There can be no substitute for everyone within a Company being able to comprehend the reason behind any given policy, that the Company has adopted. If everyone knows what he or she is talking about and is given the opportunity to communicate their feelings, much can be accomplished.

Finally, if we are to benefit from each other, reconciliation will be of paramount importance. Irretrievable situations need not occur, when full attention is given to careful consideration of both the past and future events. Such an approach may be considered as true Training.