Assertive People

Awareness of Others

Team work may be an every day occurrence for some people, but being aware of other people in one's vicinity is helpful to everyone, just as a good road user is aware of other road users.

For one to be able to notice others, it is quite essential one is on top of the work being carried out and that one is able to look beyond the work in hand, if need be.

Sympathy and empathy can be helpful. If a team of people or indeed a company is comprised of supportive people, then it will be strong and withstand the test of time.

Moral questions may occur, but equally a word or two at the right time and in the correct manner may be advantageous.   

A man with a hard hat is talking on a mobile phone, whilst looking at planning papers.
Man on a fork lift truck is reversing and looking backwards in the direction he is traveling.A large container is swinging throw the air, from a hoist, toward a man wearing a hard hat.
A fireman is talking to a group of three people, whilst pointing to a chart on a stand.