Assertive People

Whole Man Development

Educational development based on the principle that man has a physical body, with sensory perception, able to conceptualise to varying degrees and also with a spiritual nature which is both individual and social whilst being in tune with time and the universe.

For Christians, Jesus Christ is seen to be the true or best example of the Man.

Individuals are born with physical needs and require to learn social skills to survive. When harmony is achieved in this respect, it is possible to seek for his or her spiritual link with the Creation.

The service of Baptism is seen as a symbol of the individual looking beyond the physical necessities toward his more perfected self, which may be considered as movement toward a whole man philosophy.

When a man is sufficiently developed, he is able to perceive the presence of other spirits about him. Ultimately the indwelling spirit of God the Father can be communicated with and also the Holy Spirit, which is recognised to be outside the person's body. However, both Spirits are as One and therefore thoughts are shared.

Although the spiritual realms are unseen, the same principles apply as with the physical social world. Any individual who would wish to survive with other spiritual beings would do well to learn social skills in a family, school or university and indeed within any organisation. Moreover differing individuals acquire different abilities, just as some people are more creative while others have a greater potential toward physical prowess.