Assertive People

Profitability and Team Work

What is the prime purpose of Business?

Business people know that to provide a service or supply a commodity is all important.

A good Business will result in financial success, as well as satisfied customers. However, only when a Company can depend upon all the individuals who make up the organization, will stability be gained, even when the order books are full.

Fortunately very many Companies incorporate a Staff Development Policy and Training programme into their Code of Operation.

When Training concerns the full needs of those it is intended for, healthy growth and development of the Company takes place.

The concept that ''We would rather perish than operate without harmony'' is one that is likely to be included within a good philosophy of any developing Company.

Harmony is not always conceived without conflict. It is how conflict is resolved, that is all important. When there is true resolution, carried forward by debate with full consideration given to reasons for and against a course of action and with everyone understanding, much can be accomplished.

Profitability will always be of the essence, but in conclusion the needs of the people within the organization should and must be considered for healthy growth.