Assertive People

Indoctrination / Education

 The ability of any individual to choose a path of learning and to build upon previous knowledge is not only efficient, but also a natural path to take.

Indoctrination may be seen as the pursuit of an individual to lead another toward a body of knowledge, without regard to that person's choice in the matter. It may reflect a dogmatic reliance on a set of beliefs, which while not incorrect would be better for the individual to consider in relation to other ideas and ideals. However, time is always a prerequisite of any situation and very often an individual will feel able to trust his or her instincts with regard to the ability of a institution or organization to deliver what it is required to fill in gaps in knowledge.

In reality, a balance may be reached between true education and total indoctrination. How is this possible one may ask? However dogmatic a tendency to force a point of view, the tenacity of the student or students will always tend toward the ability to decide for themselves and also with regard to years of consideration, rather than at any instant of time.

A benign or fatherly approach will allow the individual to consider various concepts before embarking on deciding on a particular course of action or choosing one particular concept. It must be said however that individuals may hold any view they may care to choose, but through time and over all humanity it will need to be strong and healthy to withstand other people's scrutiny.