Assertive People

The Customer

A company which fobs people off with goods or services which are not, in part or total, what is required, will do much damage to their company and the fabric of economy to which it belongs.

Good services and products will take account of the variety of uses they are needed for.

Cost effective replacement of spare parts or additional advice is necessary for healthy growth of the image of the product, service and the company.

Procedure for dealing with requests, from the customer initially and effective handling of relations after, is most important.

Honesty must apply to the assessment of time needed for events to happen with respect of the customer. Additional time should be considered for delays and the unexpected. If the customer is kept informed, he or she is less likely to be perturbed and when considered with other customers, a barrage of enquiries does not overtake people's valuable time within the company.

Honesty, but not under promoting is required when advertising the end product.