Assertive People

Business Agenda

People are all Important. In today's industrial society, being able to relate to the given situation, requires careful consideration and a Business Agenda.

Strategy for Survival: The text of the following Business Agenda deal with related Personnel Management development topics. The topics will provide adequate material for six different Group Discussions. The answers to the questions raised will strengthen both the Group and the Company. The order of topics is not important and the opening question forms the basic theme for the discussion.

Summary of Content:
What did we do wrong?Self Analysis
What is the prime purpose of Business?Profitability and Team Work
What is it that is exciting and news worthy?Motivation
What can be considered as Training?Training
What does the job entail?Efficiency
Why should we be cheerful?Preparation and Pre-thought
A Photograph shows a group of business people sitting round a table listening to a man, who is explaining by word and by using his hands.