Assertive People


What does the job entail?

Pre-thought is required for every task undertaken, whether by the individual or by his or her superior.

Where people are encouraged to think for themselves and plenty of scope is given to procedure, a more efficient system will emerge.

Unfortunately, to achieve this ideal may mean that the individual becomes vulnerable - why?

If a selfless person is confronted with his or her time being wasted and recommendation is made to rectify the situation, loss of that person's livelihood may well be effected or even lost. More over, if that person is of mature years, great difficulty may be experienced in finding a fresh situation. The selfless person might then be considered as committing financial suicide.

How are we to consider improvements without the loss of employment?

Fortunately, forward looking Companies develop training opportunities, as well as allowing individuals to develop valuable skills in other areas of work than their own, so that their career is stimulated and strengthened.

A forward looking view will need to consider a better understanding of Personnel Management, with adequate consideration being given to both the Reference and the Testimonial.

No one would deny that people who display good advanced thinking and planning at their own apparent personal loss should not to be forgotten, but admired encouraged and given fresh opportunities.

Sacrifice may be the way forward for better, stronger development of Companies and hopefully will lead to more fulfilling careers.