Assertive People

Problem Solving

A problem in the context in which it is meant can be great or small, comprehended or not and of varying significance.

A simple procedure can be useful in bringing about a solution.

  1. Analysis of the true nature of the problem or the task at hand.
  2. Consideration of all the possible methods of achieving a solution or completion of task.
  3. Narrowing down the methods and choosing the best method.
  4. Carrying out the method to solve the problem or complete task.
  5. On completion, consideration should be given to satisfaction.
  6. Assessment of whether the choice of method was accurate.

The same procedure can also be used for general tasks of varying complexity.

In general, when given a task to complete, there is a need to consider the whole of the work to be undertaken, so that an orderly progress is maintained and time, energy and resources are not wasted.