Assertive People

Introvert or Extrovert

Personality Test

Ask someone to draw a circle and then add to the circle.

If the resultant addition is:-
Inside the circle - Introvert
Outside the circle - Extravert
Both - a balance between Introvert / Extrovert


Inward looking

Image of a two way directional arrow


Out going


Both terms indicate extremes of personality, but in general people fall somewhere in between.

Introverted Person

Prefers to be alone or with close friends. Does not like large parties and gatherings. Thinks deeply about life. Prone to anxiety, which may cause over absorption.

Extrovert Person

Enjoys society and company with new people. Does not think too deeply about life, but does find talking easy. May find difficulty with a lasting relationship, such as marriage, which could cause insensitivity.

Overcoming difficulties

The solution to problems of being over introvert or over extrovert can be found in developing the opposite style of life. A person who is anxious would need to spend time talking to many sympathetic people. A person who finds difficulty with a lasting relationship would benefit from self analysis and time spent with an introvert.

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